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The construction of a wind power plant requires an evaluation of the sites on the basis of the wind data collected. Each point of the territory has a different scheme of the winds. The purpose of the anemologia is to find the most suitable locations to install a wind generator in order to obtain the best perfomance. 



The S. E. R. operates both for their own initiatives, both on behalf of third parties. The investigation into the energy potential of the site is of great importance for the achievement of a wind farm, is of great size for small pets and we always recommend it to all our customers to get a clear picture of depreciation. To do this, it is necessary to evaluate the wind data collected through the appropriate wind towers.


 Characteristics of a tower for airspeed indicators:

  • Tubular Towers (up to 60m) and lattice towers  (up to 140m)
  • Variable height from 18 to 140m
  • Minimum two anemometers
  • Wind Sensors, moisture content, density calibrated and certified,Data logger  for data collection
  • Remote Monitoring

The piles are installed without any work of the foundation but simply driven into the soil with stakes and appropriate stratched. The data logger  records data from the sensors and the data are periodically taken and processed through programs that allow the determination of the most significant parameters (speed, turbulence, direction), the calculation of the winds and the calculation of the manufacturability of the plant.


The campaign for airspeed indicators has as a minimum a one-year period, the process is divided into several stages:

  • Selection of areas of potential interest
  • Evaluation of the potential territorial for the establishment of offshore wind power plants
  • Installing wind towers and data acquisition
  • Data Processing
  • Evaluation of the energy potential of the site



Technical Specifications:

All suppliers have the tables relating to the power generated by the opera based on the speed of the wind. It would be good to do a calculation of the average wind current in the place where the work will be placed, by doing so you can calculate the approximate result on annual production.

Then to meet the needs of the promoters of plants of medium and small size by combining reliability forecasts, cost containment and appeal to the solution proposed by part of the financial world the S. E. R. puts its experience at your disposal in order to be able to provide a comprehensive service that covers the supply of wind stations specifically designed for the mini-wind, the analysis turbines in the area and estimate of manufacturability energy that applies the same criteria and solutions used in the development of wind parks of great size, and a technical service according to the requirements demanded by the banking system.

In compliance with IEC61400-12, the wind stations proposals for the detection of the manufacturability of energy installations of micro, mini and medium wind, have the following characteristics:

1. Data Logger data (Datalogger) certificate for the measures of the wind speed  ;

  1. Anemometer: (speed sensor wind);
  2. Windvane: (wind direction sensor);
  3. Security: very high immunity to lightning (sensors not fed or isolated  


  1. Reduced Consumption that allow the supply of batteries at low amperage is panels 

    Solar power low even with anemometers heated;

  1. Support Tower and straddles;
  2. Installation: in compliance with IEC61400-12 with report complies with the guidelines;
  3.  Software that is able tomonitor, manage and process data wind and weather conditions.

At the end of the measurement campaign, experimental measurements are properly processed in order to reach a correct estimation of manufacturability energy system .By implementing best practices in the sector also in micro, mini and medium wind the analyzes are carried out through the use of  forecasting software, in analogy to the studies carried out in the case of large size.  

These softwareare, indeed, able to take into consideration not only the data site-specific wind, but also the orographic effects, roughness and the barriers to the site and at the point of measurement, in order to significantly improve the estimation of the wind actually processed by the WTGS

In addition, the main advantage of the software  is to combine data properly winds with the actual technical characteristics of wind turbines selected and, in particular, to process the data of the wind with the curve of specific power of the machine. Not least, the software are able to take into consideration the actual project layout and the effects of disturbance caused by other blades possibly present. 
According to this innovative approach to the field of mini-wind, therefore, the operation of financing and/or investment may qualify for an estimate stable and accurate.

In the context of the operations of investment and financing facilities for the production of electricity, the construction of the economic model (business plan ) by the Subjects investors and lending institutions must adequately compute the scenario of revenues theoretically achievable by the initiative. 

The main variable in the simulations of business plan  , therefore, consists of quanta "wealth" the system is able to generate in the course of its useful life, i.e. , by how much energy the plant can produce and sell to the market according to the incentive mechanisms provided for by law.

From a technical point of view, therefore, an estimate of manufacturability reliable ensures a low level of variability of the economic model, and contributing in a decisive way to properly assess the actual sustainability of the initiative and, therefore, to identify the right profiles of risks in the investment on the project.

For these reasons, in the assessment of wind turbine project investors always require an accurate study of the wind and the layout of the project, aimed at calculating the manufacturability while waiting for the intervention in analysis. According to the best practices, this estimate must be evaluated in reference to at least three levels probabilistic, so as to develop a simulation of sensitivity of the model.




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